Taco - 00 Series Cartridge Circulator Pump

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Make/Model: Taco - 0013-SF3
Description: Designed for hydronic heating and chilled water systems Compact, lightweight, self-lubricating, direct drive design Wet rotor circulator Operates in systems up to 125 PSI and 230°F Iron pumps for closed systems, bronze/stainless steel for open systems 3250 RPM N/A in chart indicates not to operate pumps at these low head levels L86-212 through L86-215 include flanges L87-211 and L87-214 have a removable integral flow check that eliminates the need for a separate in-line flow check L87-212 has a

Technical Specifications

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Additional Inputs

Connection: Flanged
HP: 0.1667
GPM @ 3':
GPM @ 5': 33
GPM @ 8': 30


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